Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair

January 20, 2014


GTS now has a website geared specifically for Commercial Food Electronic Repair.  Head over to for a full listing of repairs.


How rebuilt circuit boards can maintain equipment reliability and benefit your bottom line?


GTS is now a valuable source for Controller and Circuit Board Repairs in the Commercial Food Industry.

From this…….                                                          To this……..

UF- Before              UF - After


Audio / Video Consoles and Matrix Repair

August 13, 2013


In need of Audio / Video Consoles and Matrix Repairs? GTS does that, too.  Check out our offerings on our A/V Page.


950-700009                950-700014       950-700060 -Audio Authoirty Hub - 1520

936-003743     950-700052-1   816

GTS Announces RFMA Membership

November 16, 2012


GTS recently joined the Restaurant Facility Management Associations, RFMA, as a provider of printed circuit board repair services. We are pleased to be part of this fine association.


If you are a Food Service Provider, Facility Director or Owner/Operator in need of printed circuit board repair for your equipment contact GTS and discover how we can help.


Audio Authority Equipment

October 29, 2012

Greenbrier Technical Services is an authorized distributor of Audio-Video Systems from Audio Authority.  Contact us for a quote today.


GTS attends 2012 Boy Scouts Sustainability Summit

October 25, 2012

GTS recently attended a Sustainability Summit at the world renown Greenbrier Resort as part of GTS’s Green Initiative.   The summit was organized by The Boy Scouts of America.