Commercial Cooking Equipment Repairs


Let GTS repair your out of warranty commercial food equipment circuit boards / controllers and start benefiting today.


Green Dollar Sign

SAVINGS – of 50-60% over the cost of a new board.




GREEN – Repairs keep defective circuit boards out of the landfill. 70% of the toxic materials in landfills come from electronics.




INCREASED RELIABILITY – Repaired circuit boards are actually more reliable than new ones – because repaired boards have already been through the “infant mortality” phase.




AVAILABILITY – Repairing obsolete circuit boards keeps them available when they are no longer being manufactured.




EXTENDED EQUIPMENT LIFE – Repairs can extend the life span of expensive capital equipment.



logo REPAIRED CIRCUIT BOARDS ARE STILL OEM BOARDS.  They are not clones or after-market products.



Our repair services are continuously expanding, so feel free to call 304-645-6263 and ask for  Missy Morgan or you can email


You can also send it in for a free evaluation and quote.


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Examples of GTS Repairs (Before and After)



UF- Before     UF - After


Duke Complete - Back - Field   Duke Complete - Back - GTS


Frymaster CM8501DM - Back   DSC00007


Frymaster - CM8501DM - Front   DSC00009